SY Performance Head Trainer, Scott Yonehiro developed the propriety system for his 90 Day Body Transformation Program while he was the CEO of Ballistic Body Fitness. Click on the above video to see what this powerful program can do for you.

90 Day Body Transformation Program

If you give us three months and your complete dedication to be the best you can be, we will help you achieve the most beautiful, powerful, and healthiest body you ever thought possible.


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What You Get

The SY Performance 90 Day Program is a full body sculpting and fitness system that combines the most dynamic and effective elements of three proven fitness techniques: Cross Style Exercises, Tabata (a high intensity interval training protocol originated in Japan), and traditional Body Building. Combined strategically, these powerful fitness approaches work quickly to get you into the best shape of your life.

This program is designed to give you a full body transformation in 90 days complete with a fully customized diet and meal plan for rapid, healthy fat loss, lean muscle gain, and maintenance. However, since this program is really a lifestyle change, many members elect to come back from time to time for a refresher or to enjoy the energy and accountability of the SY Performance group. The choice is up to you but our promise is that after 90 days you will have learned a complete system to get fit and stay fit for life.

Scott Yonehiro's 90 Day Challenge

Watch these videos and learn great tips on getting in shape when Scott is challenged to gain 50 lbs and then lose it on his own 90 day fat loss program.

That’s right, Scott purposely got heavy again after he had lost all of the initial weight to create his 90 day system in order to take on this challenge. Scott also stopped working out for over 3 months, and ate garbage for over 5 months, to let his body go soft and flabby. Watch these 12 short videos (12 weeks/90 days); to learn easy to apply tips to help you with your own healthy fitness transformation.


Ryan, 90 Day Challenge Graduate

The 90 day challenge was 3 months of clean eating, with cheat days..yay, and 3 days a week of working out with an SYP Trainer and 3 days of cardio. I was so anxious that it was a HUGE challenge not to “over do it” But because I was eating healthy per the customized diet they provide, it was easier to listen to my body. After my final weigh in with Scott, I went to my car, shut the door, and wept like a happy mother. I was a mother to my inner child, knowing that I would make her proud. I did it. I DID IT!!!!!! Joining the 90 day program was NOT about being thin. It was about leading a healthy lifestyle. I have never been so happy! My head is clearer, smarter, and my life has a strong balance.

Khai, 90 Day Challenge Graduate

SYP is phenomenal!! I’m 40 years old and they’ve helped me get into the best shape of my life. Not only that, they’ve educated me on proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle that I will be able to maintain on my own for the rest of my life.  I can’t say enough about SYP on their knowledge and methodologies.